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it was a nice weekend in the qc.

i’m watching “too cute” on animal planet and the little puppy sounds are driving mikhail wild. he’s running around trying to find all these babies!


How to Wife Me Up Right Quick: Exhibit A


How to Wife Me Up Right Quick: Exhibit A

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Please turn your work into this, aliciathekiller.

so sick of disney songs at work so i’m making a mix for my babies. so far, i’ve got the beach boys, the b-52’s, the cure, the drums, fungi girls, the king khan & bbq show, nobunny, the seeds, and the shangri-las. those are appropriate for toddlers right? suggestions?

it’s official. my five-year reign in the same apartment in rogers park is coming to an end. june first, sean and i will be moved into a cute little place in pilsen.

the anthropomorphic phallacist in me will be very sad. i cling to things and places. i’ve been here so long and settled in pretty deep. i know the neighborhood and the usuals. i have my favorite restaurants and shops. but i also feel old here.

a 25-year-old living in a major city shouldn’t have to go home early or skip things entirely because her commute is an hour and a half from all the fun. i’m so exhausted after work because i spend 3 hours on the train every day.

when it comes down to it, the biggest incentive to moving is the 15-minute commute to work. rent coming second, which will be about $300 less a month. third, lots of my pals live down that way.

this will be the next step in my relationship with sean too. granted we already live together, but he’s not on the lease. we’ll be signing this one together.

needless to say, i’m excited to uproot myself a bit. get rid of the excess. be social again. i think this is the right move.

“I have wanted to kill myself a hundred times, but somehow I am still in love with life.”

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A short, under-researched, and fairly pointless opinion piece:

Trends are cyclical. My generation (and maybe the one before and the next) seems to have such an obsession with nostalgia because of the rate at which certain trends cycled through our adolescence. Technology progressed at a near vertical rate and the acceptance of the home computer and the internet brought so much to our fingertips. I came of age at the tail end of analog; VHS, cassettes, film. By the time I was sixteen, maybe seventeen, my family had AOL, a DVD player and digital cable. When we, now as adults, revisit the mixtape or invest in a VHS player at the thrift store, it’s not solely because our target market has been tapped (like all target audiences) and hijacked by box stores and major corporations, but also because so much information and advancement was jam packed into the defining years of our personalities. Nostalgia is no longer reserved for thirty or forty years ago, but closer to ten or fifteen. The timeline for longing for the simplicity of the past was drastically shortened when my peers and I were growing up.